Purplepass Assigned Seating Options and Maps

The first question to ask is will your event be needing assigned seating?

This can be a tough decision to make with many factors worth considering before deciding. If you are stuck on deciding, check out the blog on assigned seating verse open seating to help you determine which is right for you.



We build seating maps for free

If you need a seating map for your venue, we will build
it for you as part of our services.



If you know you want assigned seating at your event keep reading!

If assigned seating is what you need, Purplepass has you covered. We have a variety of seating options, layouts, and accessories so you will have everything you need to put on an organized event.

Our powerful system gives your guests the ability to load interactive seating maps, create layouts and other features to make choosing seats easy.

Let me show you!



Graphically driven maps

Our maps are built to be true-to-form with all the curves, rows, isles, and everything shown true to scale. Additional images and graphics can be added such as legends, logos, sponsors…anything you can think of.graphically seating map purplepass



100% full control

Our maps are built to be true-to-form with all the curves, rows, isles, and everything shown true to scale. Additional images and graphics can be added such as legends, logos, sponsors…anything you can think of.



We build your maps for FREE

Although you have control to build and manage your own maps, we know you are busy would rather do more important things like promoting your events.

So send us your map and we will build out your venue map quickly and for free.

For venues up to 10,000 seats, we can usually have the map built and ready to go within 24 hours.


purplepass building maps


Color codes and pricing options

You can visually show the pricing and sections of seats by the color coding on the map.

This makes it easy for your guests to get a bird’s-eye view of what the price of the seats are and decide which one they want to purchase.



Custom preview of stage

You can upload photos of the stage from the seats so guests can really see what it will look like from the seat they are looking at.

preview stages purplepass


Handicap seating support

Clearly indicate which seats are reserved for handicap seating.

In addition to showing a wheelchair icon over the seat, you can also add alerts and confirmations to guests to ensure they realize a given seat may be handicap or even that it’s a wheel chair space.



All Sized Maps Supported

Whether your venue holds only 25 people or has over 20,000 seat, it’s not a problem with Purplepass.


size maps purplepass



Create custom messages for guests

You can add customized notes on seats to pass on valuable information to your guests.

If a seat is on hold, available only at the box office, or even if the seat is reserved for sale through an outlet, you can identify all of this so guest have all the facts in front of them when deciding which seats they want.


custom message



Add media, images, graphics

You can add as many images and graphics as you like to your seating map.

This can include a legend, your logo, sponsors, or icons indicating the location of the bar and coat check.

You have full control over how beautiful your seating map is!

map designs purplepass


Add built-in icons and symbols

We have several built-in icons that can be easily added to your seating map to indicate the location of the bathroom, bar, coat check, merchandise booth, security, first aid, ATM, concessions, and so on.

built in icons purplepass


Support for tables, rows, booths, etc.

Our seating system allows for huge flexibility.

Whether you are selling seats in rows, seats at a table, whole tables, selling booths for your vendors, or a combination of all of them, they are all supported and easily shown on your seating map.



An easy way to manage your guests

Assigned seating is easy to set up in your account!
Request a demo today and see it in action.