5 Tips For Ticketing At Winery & Vineyard Venues

Visiting a winery is an exciting adventure for people who share a love for wine and all that comes along with it. Wineries and vineyards have served as great venue spaces for events of all sorts; concerts, festivals, dinners, galas, etc. because of its elegant qualities and of  course… the wine!

If you are planning to host tours or other events at a winery, or you are helping coordinate the event, consider this helpful information to make ticketing the event more professional and convenient for everyone. 

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1.Use Wine Member IDs As A Coupon Code For Faster Transactions

Making the purchasing process quick and easy should be one of your main goals, next to making your guests happy! Why not reward your loyal wine members by allowing them to use their member IDs as personalized coupon codes and discounts?

Doing so will not only take the stress of building unique coupon codes for your members away, but it will make purchasing tickets online more convenient for them. This is also a great incentive to include as one of the perks for becoming a wine member; discounts on events! 

2. Streamline Member Or Wine Club Sign-Up At The Checkout

Use your events to get more club sign-ups by including it as an option when purchasing tickets online or at the event gate. 

You can either include the option online at checkout, or you can do this manually at the gate entrance. One way to market getting new members is by offering a discount to their wine orders or the event upon signing up to be a part of the wine club. 

Even if the customer doesn’t want to sign up for additional offers on the spot, you can use their contact information on your ticketing software to offer special offers in the future. 

According to Linked, getting the customer to like you initially will help you collect further information and give you the opportunity to offer them memberships and other deals later on.

“You may be collecting email addresses when customers check out, but the work you need to do should start BEFORE you actually ask shoppers to join your mailing list. While tactics like offering freebies and discounts can improve your chances of securing a customer’s email address, it’s important to remember that people share their information with brands that they know, like, and trust.

To access further information, you can include a spot for them to subscribe to your company newsletters for future events and other industry news. 

3. Give Special Access To Wine Members Only

No one wants to be left out, but everyone wants to feel exclusive and special. 

A strategy that can increase overall membership numbers is to offer special access to the winery, tours, and seasonal wine as part of the membership package. Wine enthusiasts will jump at the chance to see and do things that other guests are unable to participate in. They won’t want to be leftout, so you can bet that they will be motivated to join. 

At your event, you can offer this as a VIP ticket package where guests who purchase this option will be given access to special areas and activities. This will encourage guests to upgrade while highlighting different parts of the winery. 

4. Provide Winery and Vineyard Information On The Confirmation Page

Whether you are doing physical tickets or print-at-home, your ticketing software should email a confirmation to your guests after they purchase their tickets. Take advantage of this and customize your email to not only include their confirmation, but more information about your winery. 

Give them details such as where the winery and vineyard are located, with directions, parking, as well as  business hours and contact information. 

If they have a member ID, you may want to include it on the confirmation page because they will likely print it out, or present it on their phone when they arrive. This gives both the employee and the guest easy access to the ID and confirmation number for fast admission. 

5. Offer Gifts Or Discounts For Those Who Sign Up To Be A Wine Member

An excellent way to get people to sign up for a wine membership is to offer an incentive. The incentive can be in the form of an attractive discount or even a gift that you can have onsite. You can offer a deep discount on ticket prices and special events to make the offer hard to pass up.

According to California Winery Advisor, discounted tickets and admission are one of the top methods for attracting guests and getting new loyal memberships. 

Branded items are also a great idea for a gift. For example, you can offer a wine bag, cheese serving items, or even high-quality totes and have them visible to show the guest so they are more inclined to sign up. Be sure to place a note urging them to join where it is visible so the guests can easily read about the offer at checkout. 

Ticketing a winery can be much easier and productive with some advance preparations and with the help of these tips. Keep in mind that the goal is not simply to get them to visit the winery and vineyards, but to establish a long-term relationship with the customer. 

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